How to Remove Background Noise from Audio with Simple Clicks

It’s not easy to get a clean audio recording. However, it does not mean that you cannot achieve that. Although it is a little complicated, we list 6 great ways to help you know how to remove background noise from audio.

How to Remove Background Noise in Audacity

You may have heard of Audacity, a free and open-source audio editing tool. With the help of Audacity, you can remove background noise from audio in just a few steps. Now, follow us to learn the detailed usage.

  1. At first, you need to open Audacity, tap on “File” > “Open” to upload the audio you want to remove noise from.
  2. Next, drag your mouse over the section without audio sound(or just a little) to select “Room Tone”.
  3. Click on the “Effect” menu and scroll down to check the “Noise Reduction” option. Note that if you are using a Mac, it may be noise removal.
  4. Now, click on the “Get Noise Profile” button.
  5. You will back to the waveform of the audio, now select the whole region.
  6. Click on the “Effect” menu and select “Noise Reduction” again.
  7. You can now set the Noise Reduction (dB), Sensitivity, and Frequency Smoothing (bands) as you like. Then click the Preview button to check if the effect is OK.
  8. At last, click OK to finish the whole progress.
remove background noise from audio

How to Remove Background Noise from Audio in Final Cut Pro

Final Cut Pro is one of the most powerful for Mac and Windows users to edit videos and audio. The Background Noise Removal function is what we want to talk to you about today. Check the steps below to learn how to remove background noise from audio with Final Cut Pro.

  1. First, open your Final Cut Pro and select an audio clip in the timeline. Of course, you can also choose a video with audio. As the Audio enhancement functions only work on the component level, please select an individual component to start.
  2. Next click on Modify and then Auto Enhance Audio, you can also simply press Option-Command-A.
  3. Now, in the Audio Inspector, check the section Noise Removal. You can change the percentage of the background noise removal to the level you like.
  4. If you feel there is a hum in your audio, you can also select either 50 Hz or 60 Hz in the Hum Removal section.
how to remove background noise from audio

How to Remove Background Noise from Audio Recording in DaVinci Resolve

Apart from Final Cut Pro, DaVinci Resolve is also a good solution for users to remove background noise from audio. Let’s learn the usage together.

  1. First, add your audio clip to the timeline of DaVinci Resolve, preview it before editing as you need to which part you need to remove noise.
  2. Click the Fairlight tab which displays the music symbol in green in the lower utility bar.
  3. Now, open your Mixer, locate your audio clip and click on Dynamics. This will help add an Audio Gate which controls the audio passes that can through a channel and its degree.
  4. Click Gate now. The vertical line means the threshold, it is is the point where DaVinci Resolve begins to lower the volume of your clip.
  5. Next, set the threshold to around 32-33 on your timeline, and then tap on the Output Bar.
  6. From here, you need to find the audio clip section that only contains background noise. Make sure its location on the input measure and then change the threshold and range.
  7. Listen to the audio and keep adjusting until you find the difference.
  8. Now, open the mixer again and select Noise Reduction. As there are glitches with Auto Speech Mode, we suggest directly choosing the Learn button to find where it is only background noise.
  9. The software will start to identify the frequency and reduce it automatically.
remove background noise from audio recording online free

How to Remove Background Noise from Audio with Vegas Pro

Vegas Pro is also a good tool to help remove background noise from audio, the first way is to lower the volume of your audio, you can click the top of the event and drag the Gain level down to adjust the volume of a single event, or move the volume slider in the track header to the left to change the volume of all event.

The second way we want to recommend is the Noise Gate function. You can follow the steps below:

  1. Tap on the Track FX button in the track header. An Audio Track FX window will pop up.
  2. Now Click on Noise Gate to find the controls.
  3. Move the Threshold level slider to sets a threshold volume level as the Noise Gate will remove all sound below that volume level.
  4. As the Noise Gate may also remove the sound you need, you need to play the clip and adjust the volume level accordingly.
how to remove background noise in audio

How to Remove Background Noise in Audio with Adobe Audition CC

Adobe Audition CC, an awesome audio editing tool can help simply improve sound quality. You only need to:

  1. Open the software and click “Effects” from the toolbar.
  2. Then select Noise Reduction / Restoration > Noise Reduction.
  3. Select the hiss sample you want to use and then hit Capture Noise Print.
  4. Now, move the slider to make the Noise Reduction until you feel the sound quality is better than before.
audacity remove background noise

How to Remove Background Noise from Audio in Premiere Pro

You can also easily remove background noise with Adobe Premiere Pro.

  1. Launch your Premiere Pro and click on the Audio option to enter Audio workspace.
  2. Next, select your audio track and then effects.
  3. Move your mouse to “Filter and EQ”, then select “Parametric Equalizer” from the dropdown list.
  4. Double-click on “Parametric Equalizer” in your audio clip.
  5. Drag the high pass filter (HP) on the equalizer as much as you like. This will remove the hum according to the level you have dragged.
how to extract clear voice from a noisy audio file

How to Remove Background Noise from Audio Recording Online Free

If you search for “remove background noise from audio recording online free” from Google Chrome, you will find many different online tools that could help. However, not all of them are free.

After testing the result one by one, is the one real free and its interface is pure, there are no ads. To learn how to use it, just follow us:

  1. At first, go to the official website:
  2. Next, click Choose File to upload your audio.
  3. Tap on Start, the online service will start to help remove noise from your audio.
  4. Once finished, you can tap on Download to save the edited audio and check if the effect is good enough.
how to remove background noise in audacity

That’s all the ways we find about how to extract clear voice from a noisy audio file, you can choose to use anyone you like, and don’t forget to tell us the experience.

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