iFunny Video Downloader: Everything You Need to Know

To enjoy your private time, people tend to watch TikTok or chat with their friends. iFunny is such a site that provides many interesting videos and memes. However, the problem is that there is no download option in the iFunny app. You cannot save funny video memes as you like.

So, how to download iFunny videos? That’s just what we want to talk about today. Now, follow us to learn the techs and tricks you may want to know.

How to Download iFunny Videos with Instagram on iOS

For iOS users, you can easily save iFunny videos to your camera roll with Instagram. This method is found and shared by iFunny users, you can try it with ease.

  1. Choose a video you want to save, then tap and hold on to it.
  2. Now, there will be many social platforms appearing, select Instagram from here.
  3. General, the video will be saved automatically. If it hasn’t been saved, you can click the Download button on the top of your device screen.
ifunny video downloader

How to Download iFunny Videos with Instagram on Android

Apart from iOS, Android users can also use Instagram to save iFunny videos. The problem is that many users report that you can only save 15s of the video. However, there is also no need to worry as users have figured out the solution.

To save iFunny videos with Instagram on Android, you need to post the video to your Instagram as a feed. Then you can go to your photos> Instagram folder to find the video.

How to Download Videos from iFunny with Snapchat

If you find that there is no Instagram option after updating the iFunny app, then we suggest using Snapchat. The steps are similar to the use of Instagram.

  1. Press and hold on to the video you want to save
  2. Tap Snapchat and then the save option.
  3. The video will be saved to your memories.
  4. Go to your memories and export them to photos.
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How to Save iFunny Videos with Email

As there are many apps can use to save iFunny videos, you can also share the meme link to email, and then download it from the email. No matter you are the sender or the receiver, a download is available.

ifunny video download

How to Use iFunny Video Downloader

If you don’t have a Snapchat account, there are still other ways for you to use, the iFunny video downloader. You can search from Google, and there will be many online iFunny video downloaders and iFunny video downloader apps pop up.

Online iFunny Video Downloader

After checking and testing the online iFunny video downloaders from Google Chrome, we would like to introduce these for you:

  • freedownloadvideo.net: analyzing the video link shorty, but there are too many ads on the interface.
  • expertsphp.com: loading also quickly, but will prompt you to another site to download videos. You need to click the download button, then find the 3-dot icon, click it to get the final download button.
  • botdownloader.com: better than the first two, you can also Thumbnail with this tool. Besides, you can download videos directly with the force download button.
  • tubeoffline.com: it provides 3 video sizes, but it only supports desktop users.
  • expertstool.com, just the same as expertsphp.com.
  • tubeninja.net: the download button is not clickable.
  • keepdownloading.com: failed to fetch download links although we have tried 5 times.

According to the test, we think botdownloader.com is the best iFunny video downloader for mobile users. freedownloadvideo.net, expertsphp.com, and expertstool.com are also useful. The others we think are not good at all.

iFunny Video Downloader App

As for mobile users, the iFunny video downloader app is also a good choice. One can install the apps on his/her phone and download iFunny videos with the links easily.

For Android

iFunny Video Downloader for android, this tool is safe to download and has no ads, you can use it to download iFunny videos with the steps below:

  1. Copy the meme link you want to download and then enter it into the box.
  2. Click on Download.
  3. You can also simply share the video from the iFunny app to the downloader, it will be saved automatically.
how to download ifunny videos

For iOS

Although we find that there is no certain app for iFunny downloading, you can try to use some normal video downloaders. In most situations, they will work.


After reading this post, you may have got the most suitable method for yourself to download iFunny videos. You can enjoy the joy with iFunny memes without any limits now. If you want to know more tips, please leave it to us with the comment below.

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