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How to Mute Zoom with/without Muting Computer

Zoom is useful for meetings and many other situations. However, there are also many unpredictable situation when you need to know how to mute Zoom audio without muting computer. For instance:

I’m not talking about muting myself or muting other people. I mean muting the app while I’m in a meeting. I work at a company that uses Zoom for almost everything but people insist on calling me in the middle of meetings either through Slack or over the phone or even other Zoom meetings. I can’t figure out how to mute existing Zoom meetings so I’m always forced to drop out and then people get mad and ask why I’m not in the meeting.

Is it possible to mute Zoom? – Reddit

From the Reddit user’s problem, we can find that it is really annoying when you are using Zoom meetings, but someone always calls you. Is it possible to mute Zoom? The answer is yes, from the reply to this Reddit question, we find an effective solution on how to mute zoom.

How to Mute Zoom Audio without Muting Computer

If you have the same question with the user above, we will tell you the answer. Now, please check the steps below to learn how to mute zoom audio without muting computer.

At first, on the right side of your Windows Taskbar, find the sound icon and right-click on it.

open volume mixer

There will be several options for your to choose from, select Open Volume Mixer.

Then, the Volume Mixer will display all the active app you are using.

How to Mute Zoom Audio Without Muting Computer

Find Zoom Meeting and click the sound icon to mute it or just turn the volume down.

How to Mute Yourself on Zoom

If you want to just mute yourself on Zoom, no matter on Windows PC, Mac, tablet, or mobile phone, the steps below can help:

On your PC or Mac, move the mouse to the windows of your Zoom meeting. On your tablet or mobile, long-press on the Zoom screen.

The toolbar will pop up, you will find the microphone icon which is just what we need.

mute zoom

Click on the button to mute Zoom. If you want to unmute it, just click the same button again.

How to Mute Yourself on Zoom with Keyboard Shortcuts

There is also another way to mute yourself on Zoom, you can also use the Zoom keyboard shortcuts. The usage is as same as the first way.

If you are using a Windows PC, just press both Alt and A keys to turn on Mute feature or disable it.

However, if you are using a Mac, the keys you need to use is a little different, please click on both Shift, Command and A keys to enable or disable Mute function.

How to Mute All Participants on Zoom

If you are a host of the the Zoom meeting, you may need to mute all participants in some situations. Follow the steps below to learn how to mute all participants on Zoom.

At first, go to meeting controls in your Zoom, then click on Participants, click Mute All to mute all the members.

From there, you can click on the three small dots on the left to check the advanced options. If you wan the participants have authority to unmute themselves, you can check Allow Participants to Unmute Themselves option.

There are many different options in Muting and unmuting participants in a meeting, if you want to know more, you can simply click on this link to check the official guide.

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