How to Check for Cameras in Hotel Rooms: 6 Ways

Going travelling is always a great way for people to relax themselves, a travelling trip always comes with a rental room. No matter if you are renting homestays like Airbnbs or traditional hotel rooms, the hidden cameras are a serious problem. For almost all of us, we want to know how to check for cameras in hotel rooms. Here, we will tell you the methods one by one.

Method 1: Scanning the Room with Your Phone

To use this way, please close the door and turn off the lights to keep the room in dark, then follow the steps below:

  1. Turn on the shooting function on your iPhone or Android phone.
  2. Scan the place where the camera may be installed, like  TV, air conditioner, ashtray, tea pot, alarm clock, socket, exhaust fan, or ceiling.
  3. If there are light spots on the mobile phone screen, it may be a pinhole camera. 
how to check for cameras in hotel rooms

However, please note that this method is only suitable for detecting cameras with infrared supplement light, if the hidden cameras don’t contain infrared supplement light, they cannot be found.

Method 2: How to Check Camera in Room Using the Flashlight

The premise is the same as the first method, please make sure the room is completely dark. And don’t worry about the size of the camera lens, no matter how small it is, it will reflect the light from the flashlight.

  1. Use the flashlight to carefully scan all indoor locations where the camera may be hidden.
  2. If you are using an infrared flashlight, there will be a red reflection on the infrared flashlight, which is easier to find than white light.

When you rent a house or stay in a hotel in the future, it’s best to check it, we should pay more attention to our privacy. Our expectations and visions for life should all be based on a sense of security.

Method 3: How to Check If There is Camera in Room with Physical Inspection

To use this method, you need to keep in mind the common place where the hidden camera may be installed. To sum up, they are often hidden by monitors in places such as books, smoke detectors, office supplies, plants in the house, cardboard boxes, toys, electrical sockets. And also the places we have mentioned in the first method.

how to check hidden camera in oyo

Method 4: Check for WiFi Signal in the Room

This method is mainly for cameras that transmit data via WiFi, you can enable the WiFi function in your mobile phone to check if there is WiFi signal around the room.

Besides, you can try to open a game, then check for the WiFi inside the game. Normally, the game will display the device that connects to your WiFi, if there is a device that does not belong to you, it will be a hidden camera.

Method 5: Download a Detecting App to Check

With the flood of sneak shots, there are many different hidden camera detector apps developed. You can search for them from Google Play store and iOS App Store to check the features and review, then determine which one to use.

how to check hidden cameras in hotels

Method 6: Anti Candid Hidden Camera Detector from Amazon

Apart from the ways to use your mobile phone or mobile apps, you can also try to purchase an Anti spy RF Signal Detector to check if there is a hidden camera in oyo/airbnb or other hotel rooms. You can find plenty of products to choose from.

how to check hidden camera with mobile

That’all about how to check camera in room, if you prefer the free ways, you can use your iPhone or flashlight to check. If you want to get more accurate results, you can purchase for a detector or download an detecting app to use.

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