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Google Password Manager Update You Must Know (Great New Features)

If you are a user of Google Chrome, you must have used the Google password manager which helps create, save, and auto-fill passwords. Recently, Google just released a new update to this tool. From now on, we can get more help with this helpful tool.

On June 30, Google published an update of the Google password manager and also a blog post about it. In the post, Google has described three main features:

  1. You can manually add the website and password to it.
  2. It will automatically group the different passwords for the same sites or apps.
  3. It will check to show you the weak or re-used password on Android.
  4. You can create a shortcut of Google password manager to access it quickly on your Android home screen.
  5. It provides the new Touch-to-Login to help log in quicker with Chrome on Android.

How to Use Google Password Manager on Android

As Google has updated this passwords manager to help manage your Android passwords, you can check the steps below to use it.

  1. Swipe down from your Android device screen to find the gear icon, click on it enter Settings.
  2. Now find the Password & Accounts feature, if you are using a Samsung device, simply go to General Management > Passwords and Autofill.
  3. Under the Autofill Service, select Google.
  4. Next, you can go back to Password & Accounts to check the password listed under Google.
  5. Click on Google and then you can view all the listed websites and passwords.
  6. You will find a Password Checkup option on the top of the screen, if you want to check if your passwords need to be improved, tap the Check passwords.
  7. After checking your password, you can tap the Settings icon beside the Password Manager.
  8. Under this interface, there are three options: offer to save passwords, auto sign-in, and password alerts. You can enable them according to your requirements.

How to Add Google Password Manage Shortcut to Android Screen

After learning the usage of password manager Google, you can easily add its shortcut to your home screen.

  1. At the password manage settings, scroll down to find the tap Add shortcut to your home screen.
  2. From the pop-up window, tap Add to the home screen.
  3. Now, go back to your home screen on Android, and you will find the key icon of this shortcut.

How to Add New Password to Google Password Manager

If you want to use Google passwords manager to save a password you have never used on Chrome, you can follow us with these steps.

  1. Go to your Google Chrome and click Settings.
  2. Then, select the Autofill option.
  3. Tap password, above the Saved Passwords section, there is an Add button.
  4. Click on it. Now you can enter the site, username, and password.
  5. At last, click the Save button to complete the operation.
  6. You can now check the Saved Passwords to see if you have added a password successfully.

Is Google Password Manager Safe?

Yes, Google always takes good care of users’ privacy. You can manage passwords Google with its recommendations as the password provided by it are strong ones. Besides, Google has one of the most secure servers all over the world. You can trust it.

Google password manager is a free way to help users save their commonly used websites and passwords. We believe Google will keep optimizing it and make it better and better. So, don’t worry about any issues with it, Google is always here to help!

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