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Does Nintendo Switch Come with Games? Completely Answer Here!

Does Nintendo Switch come with games? In this article, we will talk about the details and let you know everything. Now, follow us the check the answer.

Does the Nintendo Switch Come with Games?

Before answering this question, we want to tell you it depends on the different models of the machine. 

In most countries, the Nintendo switch comes without any games. This means you need to go to the Nintendo Switch eShop to purchase and download games to play. Or you can simply purchase a game card to use. However, physical game cards are much more expensive than digital ones. 

As far as we know, the official Chinese version comes with one game. Some stores in China also sell the bandle of Nintendo Switches with hot games, like Just Dance or Ring Fit Adventure.

Is Nintendo Switch Worth It?

If you are enthusiastic about games, then I think it is worth it. You can get an excellent experience with using the Nintendo Switch. And you can play about 80+ free games by going to the Nintendo Switch eShop.

Also, if you want to play other great games, you can purchase them like what we have mentioned above. There are physical game cards and digital ones.

Another great thing is that if you have a physical game card and do not want to play it anymore, you can sell it to others easily as the Nintendo Switch is hot all over the world.

How to Get Free Nintendo Switch Games

The steps to get free games from Nintendo switch are very easy, you just need to open your Switch, go to eShop which is displayed as the yellow shopping bag icon, click on it. Please note that you need to connect to WiFi and link your Nintendo account to your Switch before entering the eShop.

Next, click Search/Browser on the left side. From the pop-up interface on the right side, tap the Price Range option.

Then, you will see the classification of different prices, scroll down to find the free category. Click the View More button to find all free games. You can check the details of each game and choose the one you are interested to download and play.

how to get free nintendo switch games

Now, you have known the answer to does Nintendo Switch come with games and also how to get free Nintendo Switch games, let’s enjoy it!

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