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Do Alarms Go Off on DND? Find Answer Here and No More Confusion

No matter whether you are a student, a teacher, or an office worker, alarms are useful. We need alarms to help us wake up, and note important schedules. As alarms are so important, many people have come up with this question: “do alarms go off on dnd?”

What is DND?

At first, we need to explain what the DND is in this question of alarms. The DND is the abbreviation of “Do Not Disturb,” which is a feature of both iPhone and Android devices.

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With the use Do Not Disturb feature, people can be more focused on their work or study. Furthermore, as there are too many spam calls and messages, using the Do Not Disturb mode can also help users to relax more.

Apart from these, there are many other situations you may need to use the DND mode. For instance, you are in a meeting and do not want to make any sound. If you are watching movies in the cinema, it would be polite if you set your phone to silent or use the DND feature.

So, can I always make my phone to Do Not Disturb mode? Do alarms go off on do not disturb? Let’s find the Answer below.

Do Alarms Go Off on DND?

The answer is NO. The Do Not Disturb mode will not influence the alarm. Your alarm will ring no matter whether the phone is in DND, silent mode, or normal mode. If you have enabled Do Not Disturb on your mobile device, it will stop the sound of calls, messages, general notification alters, and so on.

Your alarm will not go off, and it will ring as usual according to the time you have set.

How to Set An Alarm Correctly on iPhone/Android

To make sure your alarm will ring in DND mode on your iPhone, you can check if you have finished all the steps below:

  1. Open your iPhone to find the Clock App.
  2. Tap it, then select Alarm from the menu at the bottom of the screen.
  3. Now, click the “+” icon to add a new alarm.
  4. Next, set the time you need to alarm to ring.
  5. Choose the time you need it to repeat.
  6. Tap to listen to the different ring sounds and choose the one you like most.
  7. Enable the Snooze option if you need. You can also set a name for this alarm.
  8. Tap Save to finish.
do alarms go off on dnd

For the Android phone, the steps are similar to iPhone’s, you only need to find the Clock app first. As there are various Android modes, every brand has minor differences, but the general process is almost the same.

FAQs about Alarms and Do Not Disturb

Will my alarm go off on dnd iOS 15?

No, your alarm will not go off on dnd iOS 15, and it will also not go off on the upcoming iOS 16, take it easy.

Do alarms go off on dnd Samsung?

NO, your alarms will always ring as usual on Samsung, the dnd mode will not affect it.

Will my alarm go off in sleep/silent/focus mode?

No, if you have set your alarm with sound correctly, it will work without being limited by the sleep mode, silent mode, or focus mode.

Sum Up

Now you have known the answer to “do alarms still go off on dnd?”, don’t worry about it anymore, you can always use the alarm regardless of any mode you have used.

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