The Best YouTube Video Downloader: Pros, Cons and More In-depth Reviews

YouTube is one of the largest platforms for users to enjoy different videos. Thus, you may need to use a YouTube video downloader to download YouTube videos to watch them again when you are offline.

From YouTube official, you can find that there is the Download option to use below each video. However, once you click on it, you will find that it is a Premium feature. Although the Premium function helps remove ads and can play the video in the background, users prefer free methods. That’s what we want to talk about today: YouTube video downloaders.

Below are the top 5 YouTube video downloaders we have tested from Google chrome search results. You can check their usage, pros and cons.

1. YouTube Video Downloader is the number 1 we searched from Google chrome, its interface is super easy, and there are no ads; it looks like a good website. Let’s see how to use it:

  1. From the home interface, you will see a search box; paste the link of the video you want to download to it.
  2. Then, click on Start. It will analyze and display the details of the video in the next second.
  3. Now, choose a format and click on the Get link.
  4. Click on the Download button from the following interface to get the video in seconds.
  5. You can also choose the Continue button to start downloading the next video.
youtube video downloader


  • The interface of the site is concise.
  • There are no ads.
  • The site is completely free, with no use limits.
  • It supports different formats and different devices.
  • This site also supports 21 types of languages.
  • You can use it with the Chrome extension.
  • Users can download a video in seconds.


  • Only support YouTube and Facebook video downloads.

2. YouTuber Video Downloader

The second one is; this website is also clean, and the main features are similar to but not so strong as the first one.

  1. The first step is also to paste your link.
  2. will analyze the video immediately once you have pasted the link. You don’t even need to click the Download button.
  3. Then, select the format and tap on the Download button to save the video.
youtube video downlaoder


  • Easy to use and download quickly.
  • It supports different formats and 19 languages.
  • No ads and has Norton safeguard.
  • It supports the Chrome extension.


  • Support video format and language are less than

3. YouTube Downloader is also good for YouTube video downloaders. Besides, it supports Instagram, Facebook, and many other platforms. You can use it to download any videos with simple clicks.

  1. To download a YouTube video with, you need to enter it first.
  2. Then, enter the YouTube video link and click the Download button.
  3. It will display the video format, quality, fps and file size. You can choose the one you like and click on Download again.
  4. You will be prompted to a new tab; click on the three-dot to find the Download option. You can also right-click on the Download button to save the video directly.
youtube video downloder


  • It supports 53 different languages.
  • You can use it to download from 8 social media networks.
  • No ads and no viruses.
  • It supports downloading audio-only.


  • No extension service.
  • The support platform is less than

4. YouTube Video Downloader

The fourth one is This site also supports downloading YouTube videos, but it helps convert to different formats. You can learn how to use it via the steps below:

  1. Go to, and paste the YouTube video link to this tool.
  2. Click on the Start button, and it will load the video soon.
  3. Now, choose a resolution and right-click on the Download button.
  4. Select the “Save Link As” to download the video immediately.
youtube vieo downloader


  • It supports different resolutions and formats.
  • You also choose to download audio-only.


  • It only supports English and YouTube.
  • There are ads below the main toolbox.
  • The page expires in a short time, which means you need to refresh it to use.

5. You Tube Video Downloader

The last one we want to introduce to you is Although the interface is not so good, it works well for downloading YouTube videos. Follow us to start.

  1. Copy and paste the video link you need to download to this site.
  2. Click Search to analyze the video details.
  3. There are MP3, audio, video, gif and thumbnail for you to choose as you like.
  4. Choose the one you want to download and tap on the Download button directly.
  5. You can select Save to Dropbox or Download Now from the pop-up Windows. Click on the download option to save the video in seconds.

youtube video downlaoder


  • Analyze video quickly, and download speed is good.
  • It supports saving the video to dropbox in one click.
  • There are 9 different languages.


  • Only support YouTube.
  • Some ads pop up during downloading.
  • The interface is not so user-friendly.

Which One is the Best YouTube Video Downloader?

From the pros and cons we have listed above, we would like to recommend the first three. They all have special advantages, and the most important point is that they don’t have ads.

The fourth one is not so good as the other, but it can be a second choice. The fifth one is also a good choice if you want to download more different formats.

Which YouTube Downloader Do We Not Recommend?

We usually search for different YouTube downloaders from Google Chrome and test them individually. However, and are difficult to use. The previous one always shows failed loading of the video, while the other only gives the download button without any details.

Final Thought

In a word,,, and are good tools to help download YouTube videos completely free; you can use them without limits and enjoy many advanced features. If you have other details want to know, please leave a comment below.

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