What Does No Location Found Mean and How to Fix (Free Ways)

“I couldn’t my friend’s location unless he opens the app then I would be able to see but once he closes his app, I won’t be able to locate him anymore. The states on my side would show that there is “no location found” but on his side, he could see mine very clearly even if I had closed my app. Why is this and how could we solve this?”

–Apple Discussion

Many iOS users complain that the “no location found” find my friends error occurs when they need to track their friends’ locations. From the question above we can find that, on the users’ side, they can only see others’ locations while they open the Find My App.

Apart from this issue, the “no location found” error often pops up when one needs to find their friends’ location, so what does it mean?

What Does No Location Found Mean

In general, if you see this error message, it means your iOS device isn’t responding and the feature you are using is also not responding to your request. You may want to ask why does it say no location found? There are five main reasons:

  1. The device you want to find is offline.
  2. Both of your and your friend’s device is not connected to a network.
  3. Incorrect settings issue, such as your friend has activated Hide My Location feature or your friend has disabled Location Services.
  4. Your friend has blocked you.
  5. Uncertain iOS system issues.

How to Fix No Location Found Find My Friends

Way 1: Some Quick Tips to Solve Why Cant I See My Friends Location

As the issue may be caused by some minor bugs, you can choose to use these quick tips to check first.

  • Restart your iPhone to check if your friend can find your location normally.
  • Check for updates, if there is a new iOS version, just update to the latest one.
  • Please check your network speed and switch from WiFi to cellular data.
  • Check if your friends are in the country or region that does not support using Find My Friends.
  • Go to the Find My app, delete the friend that you cannot find location. Then invite him or her again. The location should work once he/she accepts.
  • Go to Find My app and check if you are still sharing your location with your friends.

Way 2: Ensure Your GPS is Enabled

Some old iPhone users, like iPhone 6s or iPhone 7, may often disable the GPS feature to save battery life. Thus, if your friend has disabled this feature, no location found may occur.

To check this feature, please go to “Settings”, then select “Privacy”, find the “Location Services” option and make sure you have enabled it.

location service

Way 3: Check Your Date and Time

If the date and time are not accurate, the Find My Friends function may not work well.

To check and solve the issue, please go to your Settings App and then select General. Scroll down to find the Date & Time option, click on it. Now enable Set Automatically to help correct your date and time. Then go back to your Find My app, the location can be found.

date and time

Way 4: Check and Enable Share My Location

It is obvious that you cannot find your friends’ location when Share My Location is disabled. Thus, you need to check this feature before using Find My Friends.

share my location

Please open your Settings app first, then click on iCloud Settings. Find Location Services and enable Share My Location. Now the issue of no location found on Find My Friends will be solved.

Way 5: Use iTunes to Solve No Location Found iPhone Problem

If you have tried all the methods above, but the find my no location found issue still exists, then you can only use iTunes to restore your device.

  1. To use this way, you should first download the iTunes app to your computer, then authorize your Apple ID to it.
  2. Connect your iPhone to iTunes with a USB cable, please make sure you are using the original one, otherwise, there will be an issue.
  3. Now, click your Device icon on the top left of the iTunes interface.
  4. Click on Summary and then Restore to reset your iPhone completely.
restore iphone

The restore function can solve many kinds of uncertain iPhone system issues, but it will erase all your data. Therefore, please make sure you have a backup file already.


Find My Friends is useful for you to track your friends’ location when you have a date or you want to find if your boyfriend or girlfriend is cheating with others. Hope the ways in this article can help solve your find my friends not working issue.

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