Instagram Story No Sound After iOS 15 Update – Apple Suggest Ways

Apple has released the new version of iOS 15 recently, as well as enjoying the new features, and a flood of issues came out. For instance, many users complain that their Instagram story no sound after iOS 15 update.

Why My Instagram Stores No Sound iOS 15

To answer the question, you must know there are various factors that may affect the sound on Instagram stories, please have a look at some commonest reasons:

  • As the issue occurs after iOS 15, it may be a glitch in the new iOS system.
  • Instagram story no sound after iOS 15 might be due to a compatibility issue between iOS system and Instagram.
  • Uncertain settings in your iPhone or iPad.
  • A not complete update of iOS 15.

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How to Fix Sound Not Working in Instagram Story iOS 15

According to the reasons we have listed above, you can try the solutions below to solve iOS 15 Instagram stories no sound issues.

1. User Verified Method – Turn Off Silent Mode

As many users have reported that their Instagram story no sound when Silent Mode is on, when they turn off this option, the issue is solved.

To turn off Silent Mode, you can switch the button on the left side to make the orange not showing up.

You can also go to the control center to click on the Ring icon to turn off Silent Mode.

2. Update Instagram to the Latest Version

As is known to all, almost all the apps need to be updated to be compatible with the iOS 15 system. If you have installed the new system, but still using an old version of Instagram, there may be an error.

To update Instagram, please go to your App Store, enter Instagram in the search box. Then click on update to install the latest version.

3. Apple Suggests Solutions – 3 Ways

In the light of the suggestions that Apple Support provides for Twitter users who have this problem, you can try these common tricks:
  1. Double click on your home button or swipe to force close your Instagram, and then open it again to check if the issue can be solved.
  2. As we have mentioned above, the new iOS 15 may haven’t be installed completely on your iPhone or iPad. Therefore, a simple restart may also help solve the problem.
  3. If you do not care about data loss, you can try to remove the Instagram app, then re-download it from the App Store. A reinstall always solves lots of issues.

4. Check and Turn Off Focus Mode

The new Focus Mode in iOS 15 is turned on automatically, hence, there are maybe settings with Focus Mode block the sound on the Instagram stories, you need to turn off this option to check if it is the reason for iOS 15 Instagram stories no sound.

  1. Press and hold the focus icon under the clock on the lock screen.
  2. There will be several options that appear, you can choose to disable the one you are using or change to another focus mode.

Now you have learn all the possible methods to fix iOS 15 Instagram story no sound issue. If the none of the solutions work for you, then it might be an iOS system glitch. The best way is to report the issue to Apple Support and wait for the official updates to solve it.

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