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How to Trust An App on iPhone: Official Solution!

If you are using an iPhone, it’s easy to download and use apps from its App Store. App Store is a similar program to Google Play Store. You can download and use any apps that are trusted by Apple.

However, Apple always verifies apps and treats them strictly, you may have time that needs to download enterprise apps from other sources without being trusted by Apple. That’s why many users ask this question: “How to trust an app on iPhone?”

Fortunately, the solution is not complex, let’s get started!

How to Trust An App on iPhone 2022

This guide is useful for the iOS device from iPhone 5s to iPhone 13 Pro with iOS 9 and new versions. You can learn the steps below or go to

1. Try to open the enterprise app, you will see a pop-up message, click Cancel to dismiss it.

how to trust an app on iphone

2. Go to Settings and then tap General.

3. Now, scroll down from the interface to find and select Profiles or Profiles & Device Management(depending on your iPhone model).

how do you trust an app on iphone

4. There are several options, find the one named “Enterprise App.”

5. Tap the profile name from this option, from our guide, it is “Acme, Inc”, you can check the screenshot above.

6. Next, you will see the Trust “Developer name” option, tap on it.

how to trust application on iphone

7. Click Verify App to confirm your operation again.

how to trust an app on iphone 2021/2022

The developer will be trusted by your iPhone/iPad soon. Once finished, you can freely install and use other apps from the same developer in a short time. 

Note: please make sure you have a good internet connection when you are trusting the developer.

When Will I Need to Reverify My App

There are two main situations when you need to trust an enterprise app again.

  • You may need to reverify the developer when you see the message that says verification will expire soon.
  • If you have deleted all the apps from the developer, you will need to trust them when you want to use them again.

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Faqs about iPhone App Trust

Below are some of the questions you may also want to know.

Why can’t I verify an iPhone app?

When the error message occurs, it will tell you the reason, the most common one is a weak internet connection, please check your network and then try again.

Why do I need to trust an app manually on iPhone?

Like what we have mentioned at the beginning, you need to trust an app if the developer hasn’t released it to App Store.

How can I reset my iPhone trust settings?

If you mean the trust pop-up window when you connect the iPhone to a computer, you can go to Settings>General>Transfer or Reset [Device]>Reset>Reset Location & Privacy.

How to Trust Application on iPhone? Solved!

Although Apple does not recommend users use third-party apps on its devices, they still give the chance to trust and use the enterprise app. After learning this guide, we are sure you know how to manually trust an app on iPhone, enjoy more apps now!

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