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How to Remove A Hacker from My iPhone – Real Case Fix

One of my best friends is no longer able to use her iPhone privately, it seems someone has “hacked” into it. We went to a party, she put her phone to charge, it immediately blacked into the iPhone logo. We didn’t really think much of it, the day after things started getting weird. He/she (whoever hacked the phone) is leaving full on notes in the phone. “It” has her address, photos, music, credit card info, messages, etc. It gave us a phone number, and keeps texting as well. This is way out of control, and we’re unsure of what can be done. It’s freaking her out. Can we go to an apple store? Police? Was it the charger? She doesn’t use the iPhone for much more than Instagram, Facebook, Tweeter, etc.


With the development of technologies, almost everyone owns a phone. And for many of them, the iPhone is a good choice. However, there are hacker risks reported with the iPhone now and then. Just like the case we have shown above, even if you haven’t done anything, your iPhone may be hacked. so, how to remove a hacker from my iPhone?

Why My iPhone Has Been Hacked?

To answer the reason, we first need to know the reason: the abuse of Apple ID. You may also know that an iPhone needs to use an Apple ID to sign in and activate the device. Some of the users created a new iCloud, while others just use their existing email like Gmail or AOL mail as the Apple ID.

There are hackers stealing mailboxes in batches and then hitting the database to crack the password. In this situation, if the mail is used as an Apple ID, the hackers can get it and change your Apple ID password. Then, they will erase your iPhone remotely, making it completely useless.

In most cases, they will try to answer your Apple ID security questions a lot of times so that your account will be locked for 24 hours. You will not be able to get back your Apple ID in this period.

They will send you an email and tell you that they can help you unlock, but you need to pay several dollars.

How to Remove a Hacker from My iPhone

If you are also encountered with this problem, don’t worry. Just borrow your friend’s phone to call Apple support and tell them what happened, they will help you to unlock the account if you are the owner and know the answers to the security questions.

In a word, don’t trust the hackers, Apple support will help the correct user.

Some people may feel strange as Apple will send you an email to notify you that you are changing the password. Yes, they will. However, the hacker usually makes changes at midnight, when you wake up and find the notifications, it has been changed already.

What to Do If Your iPhone Has Been Hacked

To prevent iPhone users from hacking, Two-factor authentication gives the best solution. This feature can stop hackers from signing in your account as it not only requires the Apple ID password, but also a six-digit verification code that will be displayed on your trust device. Generally speaking, once you turn on Two-factor authentication, the problems we have mentioned above will not happen anymore.

iPhone Hacked How to Fix with Two-factor Authentication

  1. Go to Settings > click on your name > then select Password & Security.
  2. Tap Turn On Two-Factor Authentication.
how to remove a hacker from my iphone

3. On the screen, click on Continue.
4. Enter the phone number you need to use to receive verification codes when you sign in with a new 5. device. You can choose to receive the codes by text message or via an automated phone call.
6. Tap Next.
7. Enter the verification code to confirm your phone number and turn on two-factor authentication.

Note that there are chances you may be asked to answer the security questions of Apple ID.

How to Protect Your Phone from Being Hacked

If you feel there are risks with your iPhone, you can try the tips below to protect yourself.

1. Check the devices have used your Apple ID

You may ask how can I see where my apple id is being used? Don’t worry, open your Settings app > click on your name, then scroll down to find the devices, check and remove the suspicious devices.

2. Do not jailbreak your iPhone

Jailbreak gives you the chance to use more functions than the normal device, it also increases the risks of being hacked as it loses the security patches in the iOS system.

3. Create a stronger password

It is recommended to generate a more difficult password to protect your security, the hackers will not easily crack it.

4. Do not download the app from other stores

The apps in the App Store are passed the verification of Apple, therefore, if you installed apps from other libraries, there may be a risk of being hacked.

5. Do not use the charge from a stranger

You will never know what is connected with the charge, so, please be careful with the charges in a public place, like a party or others.

6. Do not use public Wi-Fi without a virtual private network

The insecure network may also cause privacy leaks, check the public WiFi before connecting.

7. Update to the latest version

The new iOS version always gives new features and fixes bugs. Always keep in mind to update to the latest version as soon as possible.

8. Install anti-spyware

Most of the anti-spyware is not free, however, it is worth the cost. They will detect spies or hacks automatically.


Hackers always do harm to our lives, but once we know what to do if iPhone is hacked, it will not be a problem again. However, we still highly suggest protecting yourself and your iPhone in advance with the tips we have shown above. The best way to remove hackers is not to give them the chance to enter.

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