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How to Hide Apps/Purchased History on iPhone: 100% Work

There are plenty of apps installed on each user’s iPhone/iPad, but it is not safe when other people borrow to use the device. That’s why many users want to know how to hide apps on iPhone.

Besides, how to remove apps from purchased is also an often asked question. Are there answers for these questions? Here, we will tell you the answer.

How to Hide Apps on iPhone: Three Ways

To be honest, there is no official way to help iOS users to hide apps on iPhone. However, we find some useful tips to help you make the app disappear from the home screen so that it looks like you have hidden it.

How to Hide An App on iPhone with Folders

The easiest way is to create a folder and then drag the app you want to hide to it. To make it more difficult to find the hidden app, you can put lots of apps in this folder so that other users may need to turn two or three pages to find it. Check the detailed steps below:

  1. Long-press on an app in the home screen of your iPhone/iPad until the app starts tingling.
  2. Now drag the app into any of the other apps.
  3. There will be a folder generated automatically, and the system will name the folder according to the app you have added.
  4. If you want to change the name, just long-press on the folder, then click on “Rename”, enter the name you like.
how to hide apps on iphone

Hide Apps on iPhone with App Library

The other way is to use the App Library to hide an app from the home screen. Use this way, the app will only be found in the App Library, it will be safer than before. The steps are also not complicated:

  1. Press and hold on the app you want to hide for a few seconds.
  2. There will be a pop up window, check the sections on the pop up window.
  3. Select Remove App.
  4. In the next page, click Move to App Library to hide the app.
hide apps on iphone

However, like what we have mentioned above, this app will still be found in the App Library, others may also find it. The Best to way to hide an app is to offload it if you are not using it very often.

Hidden Apps on iPhone with Offload Unused Apps

Offload Unused Apps is useful to help you save iPhone space and hide the app used infrequently. You just need:

  1. Open your device and go to Settings.
  2. Click App Store.
  3. Scroll down to find the Offload Unused Apps option and turn it on.
hidden apps on iphone

After enabling this function, some of your apps will disappear from your iPhone when you are not using them for a while.

Apart from hiding apps on the iPhone, some of the users also want to know how to remove apps from purchased, let’s go on.

How to Remove Apps from Purchased

In fact, just the same as the first question, there is also no way to remove apps from purchased. If you download an app, the purchased history will be here forever.

Although you cannot remove the purchased history, we have tips to help hide it.

  1. On your iPhone, find and launch the App Store app.
  2. Click on your account button or the profile icon from the top.
  3. Tap Purchased or My Purchases according to the function you have used.
  4. Check the app history that you want to hide, and then swipe left on it to select Hide.
  5. Click Done to finish the whole process.
how to remove apps from purchased

If you want to learn other iPhone tips or have more useful tricks about how to hide apps on iPhone and how to remove apps from purchased history, please feel free to let us know. We are glad to receive your comment.

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