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How to Fix iPhone is Unavailable with Beginner’s Guide

There is a possibility that you will be presented with a dark screen titled “iPhone is Unavailable,” which will prohibit you from logging in and gaining access to your iPhone. This guide will explain how to fix an iPhone that is unavailable so that you can use your phone without stress.

Why is My iPhone Unavailable Message Appears

1. Incorrect Passcode 

The option to enter a passcode is always open, however, it may provide some difficulties. For instance, if you switch your iPhone on by accident and have something touch the wrong numbers repeatedly, this might be considered an unsuccessful attempt to enter your passcode. 

2. Unauthorized individual 

There is also the potential of an unauthorized individual attempting to access the gadget by trying to guess its passcode. It’s possible that some people will attempt too many times, which will result in the iPhone becoming unusable.

If you cannot enter a passcode successfully after five attempts, the iPhone will display the message “unavailable” on the screen. The iPhone will tell the user to wait before attempting again after five unsuccessful attempts, and after ten attempts, it will no longer permit any further attempts.

Another feature that, if used, will cause an iPhone to delete all data stored on board after 10 consecutive failed attempts to unlock it. This will force the user of the iPhone to restore from an earlier backup. If you have reached the 10th time limit and are now locked out, there is always a way out.

What to Do When iPhone Unavailable Error Occurs

1. Restore with iTunes to Fix iPhone Says iPhone Unavailable

Use iTunes or Finder, whichever is available, depending on the version of macOS you’re running or whether you’re on a Windows PC. This is the leading approved solution to fix this issue. Suppose the iPhone is disabled in this manner. In that case, iTunes and Finder can be used to recover the device because they can deal with many different components of the iPhone’s operating system.

To do this, you will need access to a computer, either a Mac or a PC, on which iTunes is already installed and on which you are signed in with your Apple ID. To connect the iPhone to the computer, you will also want a cable that connects to the Lightning port on the iPhone.

Start the recovery process on the iPhone.

  1. After the iPhone has been linked to the computer, hold the button until you see a screen indicating that it is in recovery mode, and then let go of the button.
  2. Launch Finder or iTunes, and locate the menu option to examine the iPhone that is currently linked.
  3. Choose the restore option when prompted to decide between updating and restoring.
  4. After the software has finished downloading and restoring the iPhone, you should disconnect it and go through the setup process.
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With these processes, your iPhone will be restored to factory settings. 

2. Erase iPhone With Direct Reset 

The quickest approach to getting past the screen is demonstrated on the iPhone itself, so you don’t have to look elsewhere. In a nutshell, an option to “Erase iPhone” will be displayed at the bottom of the screen while you use your device, although this feature is not available in all versions of iOS; in fact, earlier versions of iOS did not include it at all.

This is the most extreme choice since it will restore your iPhone to its original factory settings. After completing this step, your iPhone will be reset, and you will need to either set it up from scratch or restore it from a previous backup. To do this effectively, for you to be able to complete the erasure process locally, you will need to have the details of your Apple ID on hand. 

  1. Tap erase iPhone once the screen has been displayed.
  2. A warning text regarding the loss of data will appear on the screen. Again, tap the Erase iPhone button.
  3. When prompted, type in the password for your iCloud account. This will sign you out of the iPhone using your Apple ID and start the wiping process.
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3. Use iCloud to Solve iPhone is Unavailable

If you cannot access your iPhone in its physical form, this approach can help. For instance, a family member may have taken it with them on vacation while you stayed at home, and they may have forgotten the passcode you told them to use to access the iPhone. 

You can still restore your iPhone to factory settings as long as you have access to the Internet and are familiar with the details of your Apple ID, even if the problem is so severe that it cannot be fixed. 

It is possible to delete all data associated with an iPhone from within iCloud. This process deletes the iPhone and all of the previously saved information on it, just as the name says.  Now, please follow the steps below:

  1. Launch your web browser, go to iCloud.com, and sign in using the appropriate Apple ID.
  2. Choose the Find My iPhone option.
  3. Make sure that All Devices are selected, then choose the iPhone.
  4. Simply confirm your decision by clicking the “Erase iPhone” button.
  5. The iPhone will be erased and reset to the factory defaults.
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If none of the abovementioned options has worked for iPhone unavailable message error, you might need to go to the apple store for support. But in most cases, these options work. 

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