How Many People Can Be in An iMessage Group Chat

The group chat is a good feature for a team meeting or family chats, and the Apple iOS device just supports this function.

As a team leader, you may need to know how to make a group chat on iPhone and also how many people can be in a group text. These questions are not difficult to answer, now, follow us to learn the details.

At first, we want to tell you how many people can be in an iMessage group chat from Apple official support. Just like what they have mentioned about Facetime group calls, you can add up to 32 people to an iMessage group chat. However, according to different carriers, the limits are different.

Group Message Limit on AT&T, Version, and T-Mobile

Although the iMessage group chat limit is 32 people, every carrier has its limit. Now, let’s learn them one by one.

Group Message Limit on AT&T

From the official AT&T website, we can find that the member limit is up to 10 which is much fewer than Apple’s limit.

AT&T has claimed that they will try to support more people in one group messages. However, the optimization hasn’t been added.

Group Text Limit on Verizon

Verizon supports users to make a group text with 20 people at most.

Group Chat Limit on T-Mobile

If you are using the Advanced Messaging plan of T-Mobile, the group chat limit is 20 people.

If you are using the Universal Profile 1.0 plan, the limit is up to 100 people.

What’s Group iMessage, Group MMS and Group SMS

Sometimes, you may feel confused with the group iMessage, group MMS and Group SMS. Here, we also will tell you the difference between these 3 features.

Group iMessage

As it is iMessage, it’s easy to understand, the group iMessages is only for Apple users to use. If you are using a WiFi network, then the iMessage can be sent directly and you don’t need to use cellular data.

Once entered the group iMessage, each member can send pictures, videos, messages with text, audio, and other emojis, and also share locations. The group creator can name the group message, add a new member or remove members as he/she likes. As a member, you can choose to mute the group message notifications or just leave the group.

However, please remember that you need to turn on iMessages on your iPhone before using this feature.

Group MMS

The biggest difference between group iMessage and group MMS is that the members of group MMS are not always the iOS user. They can be iPhone users and also Android Users.

The majority of features are similar to group iMessage, you can send pictures and videos, text messages, and also another format. However, the group MMS uses cellular data and you can’t leave a group.

Group SMS

The group SMS also uses cellular data to send messages. And the largest cons is that you can only send messages.

However, there are also pros, you can send a message to a specific member and other members cannot see the message.

After learning the member limits and the difference above group iMessage, group MMS and group SMS, we would like to talk about how to set up an iMessage group chat.

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How to Make A Group Chat on iPhone

At first, please go to your Messages app, then click on the Pencil icon at the top right of your iPhone screen.

click pencil on messages app

Now, start to add group members using the “+” button, click on it and select the people you want to add from your contacts. If the person is not on your contacts, you can directly enter his/her Apple account.

select contacts

If the person you added appears in green, it means that he/she hasn’t enabled iMessage and they cannot be added.

contacts in green

After adding all the members, you can try to send a message and change the group name.

Now, you have learned all about how many people can you have in a group chat and also how to create a group chat on iPhone. Don’t forget to try it with yourself and tell us your feedback.

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