iOS 16 Battery Drain? How to Fix It Easily Here!

Apple just released the new iOS 16 version a few days and many users have updated their iPhones to this new system. However, as a member of the Apple discussion, we found that there were many reports of the iOS 16 battery drain issue.

What Users Say of iOS 16 Battery Drain Issue

Below are some of the users from Apple discussion.

User nikalagvilava:

Hi , i’ve just installed the new ios 16 . It’s great and includes bug fuxes , but i would like to delete it , as it drains my phones battery so fast . So i wanna know if its possible to delete ios 16

User nick from mays landing:

Just updated to iOS 16 today and have found a huge difference with battery life. Prior to the update I would get two days out of a full charge, now only got half a day.

mid anyone else experiencing this same issue? If so is there a way to fix it?

User ambroise666:

After the iOS 16 update, does your phone also drain its battery faster and heat up when charging it now?

User m.Imran:

Since I got new 13pro max last year and my phone was great since I had from the day one. So ios 15.6 was working great and battery life was great as supposed to be.

yesterday I did upgrade iOS 16 now battery drawing so fast.

The battery drain fast issue has been proposed almost every day. So, are there any solutions to fix it? The answer is Yes.

Why Does My iPhone Battery Drain Fast After Updating to iOS 16

The battery drain issue is a normal bug and always occurs when we updated to the new iOS version. To fix the problem, we must know the reason first.

iPhone is one of the smartest mobile devices, it can keep a large number of programs working background without laggy. Once you updated to the new iOS 16 system, it will take some time to index all the content inside your device. Because of the heavy workload, your iPhone battery will drain fast.

The second reason is also similar to the first one. Although the iPhone prompts you that the update is complete, there are many processes that will not be upgraded until your force restart your device. That’s why your iOS 16 iPhone has battery issues.

How to Fix iOS 16 Battery Drain Fast

Solution 1: Wait for A Day or Two

According to the reason we have listed above, you don’t need to do anything if your iPhone is in this situation.

You just need to wait for a few days, and then you will find that the issue is gone and your iPhone will go back to normal. So take it easy!

Solution 2: Force Restart iOS 16 iPhone

As iOS 16 only support iPhone SE 2nd generation to iPhone 13, you can try these steps to force restart your device.

  1. Quick press on the volume up button and release it.
  2. Then you can do the same with the volume down button.
  3. After that, you need to long-press the side button.
  4. Keep pressing the side button until you see the Apple logo appears on your device screen.
  5. Now, release the side button, the force restart will start and complete soon.
force restart ios 16

Solution 3: Official Battery Issue Suggestions

If the two solutions above not working for your iOS 16 battery drain issue, you can try the common iOS battery problem tips from Apple official. We have listed them below:

1. Change Brightness Settings

Change settings to dim your screen to save your battery life, you can go to Control Center to side to Brightness to a low percent. Then, go to Settings > Accessibility. Click on Display & Text Size to enable Auto-Brightness.

display and text size

2. Use WiFi First

As cellular usually uses more power than WiFi, you can pay more attention to the WiFi connection and always keep it on.

3. Enable Low Power Mode

Using the low power mode can also help optimize your battery life. It will limit the download and many other background processes.

To activate it, go to Settings > Battery to enable this feature.

enable low power mode

4. Check Battery Usage Information

Battery Usage information is a great feature for you to check which app has used the most power. You can go to Settings, choose Battery, and then scroll down to check the battery usage of each app. 

If there are apps that use power in an abnormal condition, you can swipe up from the bottom left of your device screen to the top to open the app switcher. Next, swipe up the app you want to close.

swipe up to close app

5. Limit or Disable Background App Refresh

The background apps always eat lots of power, if your iOS 16 battery drains fast after updating, it would be helpful if you limit or turn off the Background App Refresh feature.

To do this, launch Settings > General > Background App Refresh. There are WiFi, WiFi & Cellular Data options, you can only choose the WiFi option or simply turn it off.

turn off background app refresh

6. Turning Off Location Services

Many apps require location while using, however, the location services may occupy much power. Thus, if you have a battery issue, turning off the location services can be useful.

All you need to do is go to Settings > Privacy > Location Services to disable it. Or you can check each app and change the permission setting.

iphone location service

Solution 4: Contact Apple Support

This is the last solution. You can submit your problem from the official support link or search for the Apple Support number from your browser. Here, we will tell you the steps of using the support website.

  1. Go to first.
  2. Scroll down to find the category of Apple products, and choose iPhone.
  3. There are many different issue, click More to find the Battery life option.
  4. Now, you will get the Chat and Call options.
  5. Choose the method you prefer and sign in your Apple ID.

Final Words

Have you fixed the iOS 16 battery drain issue? No matter whether yes or no, we are glad to receive any feedback and hope our article will be helpful for you.

Have a good day!

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