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How to Fix Unable to Identify Server Error Quickly

It is not uncommon to encounter problems with devices, if you’ve tried to log in to iTunes and received the error message “unable to identify server,” Relax! You are not alone. This problem makes it challenging to connect iOS devices to desktop computers. We will fix this gradually.

unable to identify server

This piece of writing will guide you into detailed steps to solve this bug, and we need to start with a thorough introduction of s.mzstatic.

What is s.mzstatic? 

s.mztatic does nothing more than point to Apple’s servers, which are the location from which iTunes retrieves all of the photographs and other data stored on your phone. The s.mzstatic error is only iTunes’s way of indicating that it is unable to communicate with the servers in question.

The same issue may manifest itself with various warning flags, such as unable to verify server ‘'” or “could not verify the identity of the server” Both of these errors point to the same underlying issue.

These are all symptoms of the same underlying issue, and the solutions to each of these problems are virtually identical.

Moving to the real deal of fixing the problem, we will explore detailed steps on ways to go about this!

How to Quickly Fix iTunes Can’t Verify the Identity of the Server 

In order to resolve the apple problem, you will often need to restore the connection that exists between the server and iTunes. Follow these approaches.

1. Remove Malware with Malware Bytes 

You can resolve this issue by using a Malware removal application. This is because your computer has been infected with malware that directly interferes with how it communicates with servers.

Utilizing a virus removal tool first might prove to be advantageous before attempting anything else. It is recommended that you make use of AdwCleaner from Malwarebytes for this purpose.

  • Download the free program version, and then run it on your computer or another device.
  • Before running Adw Cleaner, you must ensure that all your browsers and programs are closed.
  • Even if this does not fix the issue with iTunes, running this program on your personal computer is still a good idea for overall system maintenance.

2. Fix Unable to Identify Server with Mac Keychain Access

According to Apple support, if the issue with iTunes is occurring on your device, this may be due to the settings of a certificate in your keychains. To correct this, follow these steps:

  1. Ensure that iTunes and the App Store have been shut down.
  2. Start Finder and look for the applications you want.
  3. Navigate to the utilities menu and look for the keychain access option there.
  4. Navigate to the System Roots menu.
  5. Select Certificates from the category drop-down menu.
  6. Look for certificates that have a plus symbol and a small blue dot next to each other.
  7. Make sure the certificate is open.
  8. Change the setting on the certificate so that it is trusted, and then select the option to use the system default when using this certificate.
itunes can't verify the identity of the server

Another method with the keychain method is removing the Verisign certificates in Mac. In this instance, we will look for certificates that can potentially create access problems for Mac users connecting to servers.

  1. Start the application search by opening the Run menu.
  2. Navigate to the utilities menu and look for the key chain access.
  3. Go to the Category menu and select Certificates.
  4. Conduct an investigation into Verisign Certificates.
  5. Export certificates issued by Verisign.
  6. In Keychain Access, delete these certificates from the list.
itunes can't identify the server

3. Set Time and Time Zone Automatically on Windows

Your ability to communicate with the server will be terminated if the time and date on your machine and the server do not coincide. Verifying that the date and time zones on your system are accurate is all that needs to be done to ensure that this is not the source of the issue.

You have the option of letting Windows select the time zone and date for you automatically, which is another option. To accomplish this:

  1. Navigate to your computer’s Preferences menu.
  2. Choose a date and time to use.
  3. Activate the automatic time setting feature and adjust the time zone automatically.
unable to verify the identity of the server

4. Open iTunes in Safe Mode 

It is possible that the issue is with the iTunes app rather than the software on your device. If this is the case, you will want to confirm this. You can accomplish this by starting iTunes in the safe mode of your choice.

  1. Before you double-click an application, simply press and hold the control key in addition to the shift key. When you do this, a dialogue box will appear stating that you are running iTunes in safe mode.
  2. Select continue.
  3. When you go to the safe mode, all of iTunes’s visual plugins will be deactivated, and the program will only run with its most fundamental configuration.
  4. To determine whether the application is operating correctly, you should experiment with it.
  5. You should note that if you enter safe mode and find that there are no issues, you will need to unplug any external plug-ins and then start the software to do the sync.
unable to verify the identity of the server

5. Reinstall iTunes to Solve iTunes Can’t Verify the Identity of the Server

If none of the above solutions have been successful for you, this means you should try reinstalling iTunes in the hope that it will cause all of the corrupted files to be replaced with fresh ones.

  1. To reinstall, you only need to navigate to the settings menu in Windows and select the uninstall option.
  2. Be sure to go online, get the most recent version of iTunes, and then reinstall it on your personal computer.
  3. You should restart the application to determine whether the issue has been resolved.


With the detailed steps above, you can ensure that the Unable to Identify server can be resolved quickly. If the problem persists, the best option might be to reinstall the latest version of iTunes. Nonetheless, feel free to explore the options provided.

Thank you for reading!

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