iPhone Camera Won’t Focus? How to Fix with Best Solutions

As for an iPhone user, you may have faced many different problems, like being stuck on the Apple logo, app crashes, or others. Most of them can be solved with a force restart, however, when your iPhone camera wont focus, how can you fix it?

In this article, we will tell you the reason why iPhone camera wont focus and also how to fix the iPhone camera not focusing issue easily.

Why My iPhone Camera Won’t Focus

As far as we know, there is no clear answer for the reason of iPhone camera won’t focus issue, it may be a lens glitch, a software update requirement, or a device hardware problem. Anyway, in this article, we will talk about the solutions as more as possible.

How to Fix iPhone Camera Won’t Focus

Now, follow us to learn more about the details to solve the iPhone camera not focusing problem.

1. Remove Your iPhone Case

The first solution is to remove your iPhone case and then try to use your iPhone camera to see if it can work normally. It’s an easy way, but many people tend to ignore the case glitch. The reason why I put this solution as the first one is that I have encountered it before. Trust me, if your iPhone camera not focusing, check your case first.

2. Clean the iPhone Camera Lens

Cleaning the iPhone camera lens is also an easy way, sometimes you may feel that your photo is not clear or the camera cannot focus well. Then, it’s time to clean your camera lens, remove the dust, or anything else that may affect focusing function.

3. Remove Any Attached Magnetic Lens

Apart from the dirty lens, an attached magnetic lens may also cause the not focusing issue. What you should do is remove it and try again.

4. Tap the Top of Your iPhone

This method is just a trick reported by many users, it sounds incredible but works in many situations. To try this way, please tap the top of your iPhone with your palm. The position you tap should be near the camera lens as there may be inside dislocation, several taps can help make it back to normal.

However, do not tap it too many times as it may cause other uncertain issues.

5. Manual Focus to Fix iPhone Camera Won’t Focus

When your iPhone camera cannot focus automatically, manual focus is a good way. Open your camera app, and then tap on the object you need to focus on. You can also press and hold on to your camera button and release it until the photo becomes clear.

6. Enable Auto Focus Lock to Solve iPhone Camera Not Focusing

Auto Focus is a useful feature when your iPhone camera cannot focus well. To use this function, you need to click on the screen to select the object you want to focus on, then tap and hold on the same place until the AE/AF Lock banner appears.

If you want to disable the feature, simply click anywhere on your screen.

7. Force Quit Camera App and Then Restart

If all the solutions not working for your case, there is still another way for you to check. A force restart can help close the app completely and solve many minor glitches. To force quit the camera app, you can swipe up or double click on your home button according to your device model. Then swipe left or right to find it, swipe up to close it.

8. Restart iPhone to Fix iPhone Camera Wont Focus

If your device hasn’t been restarted for a long time, there may be many different issues appear. You need to press and hold on to the power button to shut down your device, and then boot up it again.

9. Solve iPhone Camera Not Focusing via Update iOS

A new iOS update can solve lots of issues. If you are not using the latest version, please go to Settings > General > Software Update to install the new iOS system.

10. Reset iPhone to Factory Settings

This way is not recommended as it will cause data loss. However, if you have tried all the ways, but still cannot get your camera back to normal, you can give it a try.

There are two ways to reset your iPhone, the one is to go to Settings > General > Reset > Erase All Content and Settings. The other is to connect your iPhone to iTunes can click on the Restore iPhone option.

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11. Check If There are Hardware Issues

Most of the solutions above are here to help when there are software issues. However, the hardware problem may also be the reason of iPhone camera wont focus. 

To check the issue, you can download a third-party camera app to check if it can focus.

12. Contact Apple Support for Help

No matter why wont my camera focus, you can ask Apple support for help. You can go to this page to submit your problem, or simply call them with the phone number on this page.

Do you still have inquires about the iPhone camera wont focus issue? No matter yes or no, we are glad to discuss with you, do not forget to leave your comment below.

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