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How to Fix Instagram Not Working on iPhone 2022 Best Ways

Almost every iPhone user has installed Instagram on their mobile device to enjoy sharing their everyday life. However, there are times the Instagram not working on iPhone, how to fix the problem becomes a big challenge. Today, we will tell you about how to fix the issue easily.

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How to Fix Instagram Not Working on iPhone

To solve this problem, you need to know the reason first. As is known to all, any mobile device may have glitches and this is the main reason why is Instagram not working on my iPhone. Apart from this, a weak network or an issue with the platform’s server may also cause the problem.

At this point, you can try these solutions:

1. Quit and Restart Instagram

The first solution is to force restart your Instagram, this often helps solve a lot of minor bugs and software issues, like crashes or frozen.

If you are using the iPhone or iPad with the Home button, you can simply double-click on the Home button to reach the app switcher. Swipe the Instagram app up to close it. Then, go back to the home screen and click on the Instagram icon to open it again.

If you are using the iPhone/iPad without the Home button, you need to swipe up from the bottom to the center of the screen to open the app switcher.

instagram not working on iphone

Now, you can check if your Instagram working again. If not, you can go ahead to try the second way.

2. Restart iPhone to Fix Instagram Not Working on iPhone

If a restart of the app not working for the Instagram won’t open on iPhone, you may need to restart your iPhone. To restart iPhone, you can check the methods depending on the model of your iOS device.

Long-press on the Power button until you see the message “slide to power off” appear on the screen.

Press and hold both the Side button and either Volume button at the same time, once the “slide to power off”, release both buttons.

why is instagram not working on my iphone

Now simply slide to power off your iPhone/iPad, then press the Power button or Side button to power up it back. Click on the Instagram app to check if the problem has been solved.

3. Update Instagram to Solve Instagram Won’t Open on iPhone

Another common solution is to check for updates. When a new iOS system is released, it’s normal that some apps may have compatibility issues. Thus, the app providers often update their apps now and then.

If you find that your Instagram wont open on iPhone after the iOS 15 update, you may need to check if there is a new version of Instagram and install it to your device to try again.

instagram won't open on iphone

4. Turn Off WiFi and Then Turn On

The network connection is also a great reason for Instagram not working on iPad or iPhone issues. Therefore, we need to check for the WiFi connection, try to turn it off and on to see if there is any difference.

To do this, please go to Settings > Wi-Fi, turn the switch to gray. Then, switch it again to turn on WiFi back.

instagram wont open on iphone

5. Turn Off WiFi and Change to Use Cellular Data

If you have already tried the way to switch WiFi, but it cannot help at all. Then, it’s time to turn off WiFi completely and just use the cellular data. Cellular data may have a more stable network connection when your WiFi signal is too weak.

Turning off WiFi is easy, you can check the content we have mentioned above. Then go back to Settings> Cellular>. Cellular Data. You can check and set the use of cellular data as you like.

6. Update iPhone for Instagram Not Working on iPhone Issue

Update the Instagram app is one of the good ways, the other one is to update your iOS system. Please always keep in mind that the latest version can solve lots of problems.

Go to Settings> General > Software Update. If there is a new version, click on Download to install the new iOS system.

instagram not working on ipad

7. Reinstall Instagram to Fix Instagram App Not Working on iPhone

To fix the software inside problem, you can try to uninstall your Instagram and then reinstall it again. If you feel that it is your Instagram app that has a problem, you can just reinstall it.

  1. On your iPhone’s home screen, press and hold on to the Instagram app to reach the menu. Then, click on Remove App > Delete App > Delete to uninstall the software.
  2. Next, go to App Store, search for Instagram and then install it on your device again.
instagram wont open on iphone 6

8. Check If Instagram is Down

If you find that there is only Instagram not working on iPhone, you may need to check if it is Instagram that has down. Although the provider has a reliable server, it may also be down due to various reasons.

Thus, checking the status of Instagram’s network is necessary. You can try to use the DownDetector, or just search for “Is Instagram down” from Google Chrome or Twitter.

instagram app not working on iphone

9. Try Instagram in a Browser

As there are many different and uncertain glitches on your iPhone, trying to use Instagram in a browser is also a not bad way to solve the Instagram app not working on iPhone issue.

You can go to Safari and search for Instagram, then try to log in to see if it works. If it is still not working, you can check the problem further with Google Chrome or Firefox.

Wrap It Up

Now you have learned almost all the solutions for Instagram not working on the iPhone problem, we believe the trouble will be solved. Besides what we have described, you can also try other common ways, like resetting network settings or turning on and turning off airplane mode.

If you have any new findings of this problem, please feel free to let us know.

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