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Fix Face ID Not Working Move iPhone Lower 2022 (Ultimate Solutions)

If you have used iPhone for many years, you may have met various issues? How about Face ID not working ‘move iPhone lower? This problem usually occurs when you wear a mask, and you can easily solve it by taking off the mask or enabling the Face ID with a Mask function.

However, there are still other different cases when the Face ID not working move iPhone lower issue occurs. To learn how to solve the problem without paying for any service or tool, read our guide carefully.

Why is Face ID Not Working Move iPhone Lower and How to Fix 

Before we talk about the solutions, you need to understand the reasons. The most possible cause of the Face ID not working ‘move iPhone lower 2022 is the mask. But what if you don’t wear a mask? You can check the reasons and corresponding solutions below:

Reason 1: Dust on Front Camera

As the iOS system will only detect what the front camera sees, one of the reasons for Face ID not working may be the dust on your front camera.

Solution 1: Clean Your Front Camera and Remove Any Covers

According to the reason, the first thing you should do is to clean your front camera and then try Face ID again. It is possible that you feel that there is no dust on your camera, but there may be. Please don’t hesitate to clean it.

Besides, you also need to remove the protector or sticker on your iPhone. However, if your Face ID not working move lower error still appears, you may need to try other solutions.

Reason 2: Your iOS System is Too Old

This is also a common reason for many iOS issues. As you may know, the iPhone updates the system frequently. Each new version solves many bugs and also brings new problems.

If you haven’t updated your iOS system for a long time, there may be plenty of issues, including the Face ID keeps saying move iPhone lower.

Solution 2: Update iOS to Fix Face ID Not Working Move iPhone Lower

Update iOS is super easy, you only need to go to your iPhone’s Settings, then click on General, select Software Update and then Check for Updates.

face id not working 'move iphone lower

Next, tap Download and Install and wait for it to finish the whole process.

Generally, after your iPhone restarts, the issue will be solved and you can use the Face ID as normal.

Reason 3: Temporary System Bugs

Sometimes, you may open too many apps and keep a large number of services running background. When the iPhone feels overloaded, different situations will occur.

For instance, you may find it lagging on the screen, can not use some apps, or failed to use some built-in features.

Solution 3: Close All Background Apps and Restart

You may have heard that a restart can solve any problems. No matter if there are any kinds of problems, a restart of your device can solve 80% of them. One of the members of the Apple discussion has verified this solution.

In this case, we recommend you close the apps running background first, then restart your iPhone to make it back to a good condition. Once it is restarted, there is a chance that the Face ID not working ‘move iphone lower issue no longer exists.

face id not working move iphone lower

Reason 4: Camera Issues with Hardware

With the use of the iPhone, some of the components are aging and may cause issues. If your iPhone pops up with the message “Face ID not working move iphone lower”, you need to check the use of your Flood Illuminator, Ambient Light Sensor, Front Lens, and Dot Projector.

Solution 4: How to Check Flood Illuminator/Front Lens/Dot Projector

Here, we will describe how to check them one by one, you can follow our steps to try.

Check Flood Illuminator

You can make a call and then cover the top of your iPhone to check it. If the Proximity Sensor works well, the screen will go black.

Check Front Camera

To check if there are hardware issues with the front camera, you can try to use the camera to take photos. Select the Portrait mode to see if the background is blurry. If it blurs the background, then your front camera is normal.

Check Dot Projector

Open your camera and switch to the front one, then go to Portrait mode and check if the dot projector flashes a red light. If not, there may be an issue with it.

If you find that there are issues with any one of the components above, we suggest you go to the Apple store to ask them to help you repair it. Although you can go to other repair stores, they may not be able to fix the camera issues.

Reason 5: You Haven’t Unlocked iPhone for Two Days

It is one of the iPhone’s security features, if your iPhone is locked and hasn’t been used for more than 48 hours, then you cannot use Face ID to unlock it.

Solution 5: Unlock iPhone with Passcode

The solution is easy, you only need to use your screen passcode to unlock your iPhone. After that, you can use the Face ID to unlock it again and iPhone Face ID not working move iPhone a little lower issue will be solved.

Reason 6: Unknow System Issues

The iOS system is complicated and you may not figure out any reason for the issues appearing on it. As you don’t know the reason for the Face ID not working ‘move iPhone lower, we provide three solutions below.

Solution 6: Reset Face ID When Face ID Not Working Move iPhone Lower

Reset Face ID is a useful solution for this kind of issue, you can go to Settings > Face ID & Passcode > Reset Face ID.

face id not working 'move iphone lower 2022

Then restart your device and Set Up Face ID again. Now use Face ID to unlock your iPhone to check if the problem is still here.

Solution 7: Reset All Settings

If you feel that there are settings that conflict with your Face ID, you can choose to Reset All Settings. 

Open your iPhone, go to Settings, and tap General. Then, scroll down to find Transfer or Reset iPhone. Tap on it and then choose Reset. From the pop-up window, choose Reset All Settings.

iphone face id not working move iphone a little lower

Solution 8: Factory Reset iPhone

If all the solutions are not helpful, then you maybe need to reset your iPhone to factory settings. The steps are similar to Reset All Settings. 

Navigate to Settings > General > Transfer or Reset iPhone > Erase All Content and Settings.

can't setup face id move iphone lower

As this way will erase all your data, please make sure you have a backup before using it.

Face ID Not Working Move iPhone Lower Fixed!

With the use of all the solutions above, we are sure your Face ID not working ‘move iPhone lower 2022 has been solved. If you have other Face ID not working issues, you can still try these solutions, hopefully, they can also help solve them.

Anyway, if there is a hardware issue, please go to the Apple Genius Bar and their support will help.

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